Welcome to Stock Babe. This is where I start my journey, I have been involved in Financial and Investing for a long time. Now I am mixing my talents deliver attractive advice and insights for Investors.
My Goal is to deliver quality news that Investors can use. I believe that boring Investing Penny Stock Newsletters, OTC reports and Wall Street needs a new face.
My delivery and my opinions are just that. I am here to deliver strategies and my insights on the Stock Markets, IPOs and Investment news.

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Stockbabe Sophia

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Hi Sophia, Just Signed up to your www.stockbabe.com website. Its great to know there will be special videos for members. I hope LA weather is nice.
Joe L.
Stockbabe. Interesting, I am hoping to get some information for your updates. I play the OTCs, not great at it so I like this whole idea. Cant get bored learning here.
Paul M, Investment

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Become a Member! Yes Membership will allow you to see more content. Currently this section is FREE to members. I will only have this for limited time. I don’t want this to get too crazy


I will only interact with members on my site, through my blogs and comments. I will reply, tweet and keep this active. I get over 1000 emails a day. Yes my email is posted but please only interact with me on the site. It is only fair to other members.


I do plan on doing online webinars, and attending investing conferences in the near future. If you have any good conferences that you would like to suggest please do so on the comments sections.


My video content will be built out quickly, I am hoping to post videos to Youtube, and to the back end of this sites. I am also hoping to deliver some items to members. I will let you know what those are

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